• The Growing Market of Custom Apparels

    One of the most demanding market under the US fashion industry and also across the globe. According to a latest survey taken by various fashion brands blogs list site, majority of the fashion enthusiastic people, usually preferred Custom Apparel designs of their own to be manufactured according to their fashion sense and taste.


    This clearly indicates that the market for custom apparels is currently at it’s peak position in the fashion industry, and is slowly making it’s way into the mainstream major clothing brands, implementing the same in their catalogue of services also


    Many custom apparel manufacturing facilities, prefer their working strategies to be completely based out of customer satisfaction in their selection of designs and good quality services to be provided on a daily basis. The customer is capable of ordering their custom designed apparel through an easy process of online ordering system provided by the manufacturer at the availability of the user, at their website. The manufacturer then accepts the custom quotes of the customer order, and then contacts the customer, for further inquiries regarding the design’s overall look and structure pattern to be recorded by the manufacturer.


    The order which are usually in bulk quantities are distributed to the customers via a special delivery system designed to be feasible by many clients which are concerned in only quantity wise distribution of their orders in a given time only. If in the case of late delivery, the customer can then report it to the sales department of the manufacturer, for further inquiries into solving the matter.


    The online ordering system makes it easy for the customers who often are short on time to manually purchase their respective clothing items by themselves. With an internet access on a computer or a laptop, they can easily place an order for their custom apparel design to be made and delivered straight to their doorstep. Instead of having to go to the market and buying the clothing products, the online ordering system can thus save a lot of time for many busy customers.


    A famous quote is worth sharing here,

    “The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.”

    — Paul Rand


    Another one of the extensive product line from custom apparel manufacturers is Cut and Sew T-Shirts. These are usually the most common items found in various custom apparel manufacturing plants. Cut and sew is a new term for an old practice by fashion designers. It simply refers to the design process where the fabric is printed before the garment is manufactured and not exactly the other way around. Usually, major brands and designers will order T-Shirts from a wholesale brand of any type, and then print their designs on it but that always presented some limitations.


    Usually Cut and Sew is mostly preferred by those individuals who want more creative control over their final products. This kind of production opens up a whole new world of possibilities that traditional production processes simply can’t offer by themselves.


    Cut and sew allows for freedom of choice amongst the consumers to have complete creative control. Traditionally, when printing garments, we were limited to a very specific size, which is usually around an “A4”. This may vary, some may go a bit bigger or shorter but, in the end, there will always be a limit. Similar to all over printing, ‘cut and sew’ allows to print an entire garment from top to bottom.


    When working with the garments of a wholesale brand, there will always be elements that we cannot control. These might seem like small details to some but they can make or break a product somehow. It is all about the quality of stitching, hems, collars, and even the label.


    Many of the wholesale brands offer garments with tear-away labels but with cut and sew you can choose where the label could be putted in. This opens up a wide array of different possibilities for the consumers of fashion clothing.


    At a first glance, the printing benefits of cut and sew sound a lot like sublimation. After all, they both allow you to print the garment completely but there are several differences. First of all, sublimation cannot cover the entire garment. There will always be small areas — especially under the armpits and around the collar — where the ink doesn’t reach, leaving small white areas.


    Second, sublimation only works with 100% polyester garments while with cut and sew, you can virtually work with any fabric as long as it is compatible with the printing technique. The pricing is also different. Sublimation is generally cheaper but it also depends on the quantities and if you order in bulk or print on demand.


    In addition to all this, Custom cut and sew T-shirts are also available as an “add-on” to most of the custom apparel manufacturers which deal on simple cut and sew fixed designs. They can be ordered by customers also by using online ordering systems, and whatever design pattern can later be coordinated by the manufacturing team over conversation with them over telephone, and then the order is successfully recorded in the manufacturer’s database of order queues. The design is then analyzed further by experts who carefully check each and every aspect of the design’s patterns and points out any problems or glitches with it’s overall appearance.


    ZegaApparel, a well-known company division which deals with custom apparel manufacturing and delivery services is receiving many positive reviews on its products and quality of services offered to many of its customers. An example of such happy and contented satisfactory customer’s review is, “I was thinking my own clothing line business startup, and was looking for a good inspiration, so many of my friends, suggested me to have a lookup on custom apparel manufacturers online, and that is from where I landed on ZegaApparel, a place in which I got tremendous services and many good ideas for my business and provided me with the relevant clothing materials to complete my collection required to successfully set up my clothing line business into perfection.”


    For more information and to get an insight on all such happy customer’s responses regarding the services of the company, be sure to check out the “Reviews” section at Zega Apparel.

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